Kathleen Mallory: A ‘Lingering Fragrance’ in Missions History

Over the last 20 years, when Rosalie Hall Hunt wrote books about missions trailblazers like Fannie E.S. Heck, Ann Judson and Hephzibah Jenkins Townsend, a name that kept coming up in her research was Kathleen Mallory. Hunt said that Mallory, the longest-serving executive leader in the history of Woman’s Missionary Union, remains a “steady echo” […]

S.C. woman publishes book of poems about Jesus’ miracles

For anyone who grew up in Sunday school, the stories of Jesus’ miracles are familiar: turning water into wine, banishing a demon, healing a blind man, speaking a storm out of existence. These extraordinary yet familiar stories may be so matter-of-factly accepted that readers cease to be astonished by the depth of love to which […]

Biblical instruction grounds ‘The Vibrant Small Church’

Small churches can be as well equipped to reach the world for Christ as larger churches. That’s the straightforward premise behind Upstate pastor Keith Davis’ newest book, “The Vibrant Small Church” (90 pages, Courier Publishing, $7.95). Davis, who has pastored two small-to-midsize churches in his 27 years of ministry, said he hopes his book will […]

Bunton’s poetry celebrates God’s presence in ordinary life

Patsy Bunton has released her second book of poetry, “Joy Comes in the Morning” (Courier Publishing, 422 pages, $19.95). In “A Simple Life,” one of 365 poems from the collection, Bunton extolls “the morning sun, the dew on the ground, the beauty of creation we see all around.” From her appreciation for the fundamental gifts […]

Darlington pastor offers ‘flight lessons’ in new book

Timothy Coker wants everyone to learn to fly. He believes it’s what God intends for us. In his new book, “Learning to Fly,” published by Courier Publishing, Coker observes, “There’s a big difference in traveling by air and flying.” The pastor of Central Baptist Church for the past 24 years explains, “Those who fly … […]

Carraway shares her ‘Adventures in Chemo’ through journal entries

In April 2016, Jill Carraway was diagnosed with breast cancer. While other authors have been diagnosed, received prognoses, were treated successfully and have written about the ordeal, Carraway’s approach is somewhat different. After she was diagnosed, Carraway determined that she would undergo chemotherapy armed with what she sees as her strongest spiritual gift: sarcasm. In […]