‘Powers’ examines spiritual warfare from a missionary’s perspective

For some, the words “spiritual warfare” may conjure up images of horror movies and Hollywood demons. But author and missionary Mike Brakken* says that is not how the Bible sees spiritual warfare. In a new release from Courier Publishing, “Powers” ($19.95 softcover, $9.99 e-book), Brakken says spiritual warfare is simply an inescapable part of the […]

‘The Last Word’ is retrospective on Courier editor’s columns

Whether tackling the thorniest social and religious issues of the day or offering a heartfelt tribute to a pet named Boomer, editor Rudy Gray has shared his straight-to-the-point perspective with readers of The Baptist Courier for 10 years. Now, as he approaches retirement, Gray has released 50 selected Baptist Courier columns in his latest book, […]

‘Princess Blossom’ is a tale of love and acceptance, author says

Courier Publishing is pleased to introduce “Princess Blossom and the Miraculous Cape” (42 pages, hardcover, $19.95), written by Mayna Cosby and illustrated by Shaina Manuel. Princess Blossom, although deeply loved by her father, the king, is lonely after the death of her mother. She finds solace and companionship in a golden hare, a silver fox […]

God melts a pastor’s heart for Muslims in ‘Engaging Nineveh’

Driving home after a week of course work at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Josh Phillips was crying. He usually kept his emotions in check, but on this day tears streamed down his face. He wept because God had suddenly opened his eyes to the “undeniable opportunity” facing him: to love the Muslims who lived in […]

Novelist marks debut with ‘Something Beautiful for Lauren’

Courier Publishing is pleased to introduce Stephanie Whatley’s first novel, “Something Beautiful for Lauren” (softcover, 258 pages, $13.95). Lauren Hardy is 37 and has lost her husband. She is left to raise three children on her own. In her grief, she has become numb, going through the motions of life. She has learned to “play […]

Farmer brings back small town’s life in ‘From Murphy to Miley’

“From Murphy to Miley” by Jane Jumper Farmer is a heartwarming account of family life in a low-country lumber mill town in South Carolina in the early 1900s. In this historical fiction, Farmer relates the story of her grandparents, Carrie and Saylor Jumper, and how their steadfast faith in God undergirded, sustained, and directed their […]

Sequel: ‘Blue Enamel Cup’ continues family’s missionary adventure

Courier Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of “The Blue Enamel Cup: An MK’s China Legacy” (370 pages, $25), the sequel to Rosalie Hall Hunt’s family memoir, “6 Yellow Balloons: An MK’s China Story.” As “The Blue Enamel Cup” opens, Hunt, the “third-culture missionary kid” readers first got to know in her previous book, […]

Late humorist’s musings were early catalyst for Courier Publishing

Over the past eight years, Courier Publishing, the book-production operation of The Baptist Courier, has published approximately 122 books, including titles currently in production. Bible studies, memoirs, illustrated children’s stories, fiction, humor, biographies and other genres represent Courier Publishing’s growing library of softcover, hardcover and ebook offerings. The book publishing service was officially launched in […]

In new book, author shares prayer-poems from cancer experience

A cancer diagnosis in March 2018 prompted Douglas Wyant to write the prayer-poems collected in “A Pilgrim’s Prayers.” His short, sincere prayers were written in response to the Scripture he read during his recuperation from surgery and chemotherapy. Here is a sample prayer request: Rescue Me O Lord, I cry out to you from the […]

Pastor pens 7 keys to John’s Gospel

The number seven is significant to John, the beloved disciple, in helping structure his gospel, Nashville pastor Ken Clayton details in his new book, “7/7: The Key to Understanding the Gospel of John.” Tennessee Baptist editor Lonnie Wilkey describes Clayton’s new book as “must-reading for all Christians, but especially new believers.” “For nearly 25 years […]