Letter to the Editor: We Must Make Disciples

Some years ago I wrote to the Courier about the Singing Churchmen, which I described as the best-kept secret in our state, and how they provided a time of praise and worship that was a great blessing. The counterpart to the Singing Churchmen are the ladies of “Seraph Song.” We at Cornerstone Baptist Church, Aiken, […]

Letter to the Editor: In Praise of ‘Seraph Song’

It was appropriate that the story of Harmony Baptist Church appeared on the page before Mr. S. Craig White’s letter in The Courier’s October 2014 issue. I am encouraged by Harmony’s story, as our church (Southside Baptist, Anderson) is embarking on a similar journey through the Intentional Church Multiplication Process initiated by the South Carolina […]

Letter to the Editor: Pray for Those Who Are Persecuted

I agree with John Faubert’s letter in the September 2014 issue (“Good Men Who Do Nothing”) concerning our silence while Christians are being persecuted around the world. He stated, “I must do something, yet I don’t know what that looks like.” If I may make a suggestion, there is a website, ICommitToPray.com, that gives believers […]

Letter to the Editor: The 21st-Century Difference

The Southern Baptist church of the 21st century seems, on its surface, to be much the same as the church from the latter days of the 20th century. It is still represented by good, hardworking, taxpaying Americans doing the best they know how, a hodgepodge of sinners saved by the unmerited favor of God. But […]

Letter to the Editor: A Point of Clarification

Peter Beck’s article, “The Great Commission for Us” (August 2014) did a great job of conveying how important that passage is. But Brother Beck wrote, “ … the tasks described by all three verbs in the passage (make, baptize and teach).” There is only one verb in the passage, “make disciples.” The other terms, “baptize […]

Letter to the Editor: Good Men Who Do Nothing

The church, for the most part, gives little more than a passing thought to persecution. It is something from the distant past that we read about in “Fox’s Book of Martyrs.” However, the reality is that people in the Christian church are being imprisoned, tortured and even dying for their faith. We have failed to […]

Letter to the Editor: Empower Youth to Be Active Members

The youth of America have been falsely labeled as rebellious, disrespectful, immature and selfish. While this may be true of some, many students have a spiritual maturity that seems to be overlooked by church members. As a youth pastor in a local church, I have seen students who desire to contribute their gifts for edifying […]

Letter to the Editor: Courier classified ads effective

I want to thank The Baptist Courier staff for the service you provide to South Carolina Baptists. Recently I discovered again the wide reach The Courier possesses. I placed an ad in your classified section regarding a trip to Israel and experienced great returns. It proved to be an effective means of advertising. I suggest […]

Letter to the Editor: Seminaries are for Christians only

In the case of the admission of a Muslim student to the Southwestern Seminary doctoral program in archeology, the question to ask is: What precedent has been set? Southwestern Seminary president Paige Patterson’s reason violates the mission of the seminary as a “school of the prophets.” Why are we admitting non-Christian students to the seminary? […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘New era’ awaits S.C. Baptists

A new era awaits us as South Carolina Baptists, and now is the time to prayerfully consider the direction God would have us go. I offer the following ideas to get a loving discussion going. First, we need vision — not just rehashed ideas that worked for another convention, but someone who has walked with […]