Letter to the Editor: ‘New era’ awaits S.C. Baptists

A new era awaits us as South Carolina Baptists, and now is the time to prayerfully consider the direction God would have us go. I offer the following ideas to get a loving discussion going. First, we need vision — not just rehashed ideas that worked for another convention, but someone who has walked with […]

Letter to the Editor: A church worth celebrating

Social media is littered with people taking shots at local churches. Sometimes this is for justifiable reasons, such as heretical teaching or sloppy pragmatism. Other times it seems that technology makes it possible for deconstructionists to point out the minute flaws of every church and its leaders. These trends paint a picture of infighting and […]

Letter to the Editor: More stories on missionaries

I was thrilled to read the articles in the June issue about South Carolina missionaries Mary Saunders and Brett and Kristin Myers. Reading your articles on them was informing and encouraging. We have a long history of sending out missionaries here in South Carolina. Many of our churches have individuals and families who are currently […]

Letter to the Editor: Seeking ‘resource families’ for foster care

I am writing on behalf of the South Carolina Department of Social Services Resource Family Division to appeal for the support of the Baptist community of South Carolina. In recent years, the number of quality resource families in Region IV has declined, while the number of children coming into care has held steady. Many of […]

Letter to the Editor: Let go of ‘doings and numbers’

What excellent articles by Timothy Sweetman and Rudy Gray in the March 2014 issue of the Courier. We as Christians and Southern Baptists should heed the message of Frank Page. It appears too many of our church leaders and pastors are too concerned with doings and numbers rather than preaching God’s Word, evangelism and missions. […]

Letter to the Editor: Be Intercessors for the Lost

I enjoyed reading the March 2014 issue, but I was saddened we were able to acknowledge our problems but not address the main answer to our problems. Dr. Frank Page said, “When we realize that our answers are not in logistical moving around of chairs on the deck of the Titanic, but seeking absolute new […]

Letter to the Editor: Doing ‘Own Thing’ Not Wise

I find it interesting that we are informed in the latest edition of the Courier that the SCBC missed its 2013 budget by $1.14 million. In another article, the largest church in the state affiliated with our convention is featured. This church contributed .00002 percent of its budget to the Cooperative Program. I appreciate the […]

Letter to the Editor: TV show is insulting

The other night I was flipping through the channels on my TV and came across a program I had not seen before, “Hollywood Hillbillies.” It took about a minute to discover that the language was straight from the gutter. It certainly was not funny, and after a few minutes I could see no story behind […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘Brothers’ offers camaraderie

On Jan. 22, Pastor Sam Thompson’s house burned down in Clover. Sam and his wife, Mrs. Annie, work together at New Beginnings Baptist Church, God’s Kitchen and the Lighthouse Shelter. He is a 76-year-old African-American who is undaunted by the challenges this event brings. This tragic event became known while several of us were at […]

Letter to the Editor: Missionary thankful for support

As church planters with the North American Mission Board, we are grateful for the partnerships we share with individual churches, especially South Carolina Baptist churches and individuals. In the last year, Central Baptist Church of York, First Baptist Church of Great Falls, and the Chester and York associations have assisted us in saturating the hearts […]