Sunday Dinner: Blue Cheese Slaw

Today I am distressed, distraught and disturbed — not about our recipe (which is a good one), but about an article from a newspaper dated Feb. 12, 1989, concerning the decline of dinner parties. I found the clipping while cleaning our office recently, which tells you how long it has been since I cleaned. So […]

Sunday Dinner: Breakfast Casserole

You may see this recipe in many church cookbooks, and you may have prepared it yourself (and if you haven’t, you should). It has been around for a while; I cooked it in my kitchen some time ago. I saw it again recently in the cookbook published by Lexington Baptist Church and baked it. The […]

Sunday Dinner: Cabbage, Collards and Kale

Cabbage and collards and kale. Oh my! I’m not saying that if you regularly eat these you will be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but you will be healthy and smile more. It’s fall, so it’s time for the fall vegetables, specifically the fall greens. You can often get these, which […]

Sunday Dinner: Pineapple Ice Box Cake

The envelope involving an unsolved mystery and containing two recipes has been lying in “the stack” for a few months. The two recipes were for Spice Cake and Pineapple Ice Box Cake. Mailed from Florence, the envelope contained no name, no return address, no church name — only the two recipes. Even the usually successful […]

Sunday Dinner: Squash Casserole

Hearty menus increase as the thermometer reading decreases, but one meal a day — whatever time of year — needs its vegetables, so try squash. There must be a dozen or more recipes called “Squash Casserole,” and you will like this one. One of the good things about this vegetable is that local squash are […]

Sunday Dinner: Lonesome Cowboy Bars

Don’t you love the name of this church? It’s Pleasant Grove, and it’s located in the Upstate near the Greenville-Spartanburg airport, although it has a Greer address. A member of the Three Rivers Baptist Association, where Randy Bradley serves as director of missions, the church has most of the Baptist programs and organizations. The Sunday […]

Sunday Dinner: Julie’s Roast Beef

It can be a balmy spring Sunday, or one where the wind is banging on your house and whipping shrubbery to and fro. If it is the latter, you’ll be glad to be indoors. You’ll be even more glad if you have Julie’s Roast Beef ready to come from the oven. You’ll have the people […]

Sunday Dinner: Yum Yum Chicken Soup With Cornbread

An old children’s nursery rhyme says, “The north wind doth blow and we shall have snow.” That must have been written for another area of our country, because we shall all be surprised if these winds bring snow. We would be pleased, however, if they did blow and we had a pot of Annie Ruth […]

Sunday Dinner: Deviled Crab Casserole

This one you must try. The recipe contains good South Carolina crabs, is easy to make, has only a few ingredients, and tastes really good. You can make it ahead of serving time and reheat it for Sunday dinner, and we have Jane Griggs of Welsh Neck Baptist Church in Society Hill to thank. Rev. […]

Sunday Dinner: Hamburger Soup

Soups were invented for cold winter days. And what choices there are! There are cream soups and chowders. There are meaty and fishy soups. There are clear broth soups and soups heavy with meats and vegetables. Every cook has a favorite family soup recipe, and often it is a vegetable-meat soup such as this one […]