President’s Perspective: Going There

She was born into a disadvantaged and poor ethnic minority in the rural interior of Asia. She was the apple of her hard-working father’s eye, and he saw to it that she received a college education and a master’s degree. After concluding her studies in a large, distant city, she returned to her home prefecture […]

President’s Perspective: Let’s Leave!

Nobody was going to heaven from Thessalonica. It was a spiritual wasteland: no Jesus, no hope. Jesus had come into the world, done His amazing work, and returned to the Father; but the folks way over in Thessalonica were completely oblivious. It was a long way from Bethlehem, Golgotha, and the empty tomb. Somehow, though, […]

President’s Perspective: Engaging Lostness Overseas

Part of the turf that goes with pastoring Southern Baptist churches is the annual tipping of the hat to international missions under the banner of Lottie Moon. At least that’s how I viewed it for many years: “It’s Lottie time again, let me work up a missions sermon and slide it in somewhere between Thanksgiving […]