Comic Belief: We All Need a Friend

Did you know that if you isolate yourself from other people, you are two to three times more likely to die an early death? If you are divorced, separated or widowed, you have a five to 10 times greater chance of being hospitalized for mental disorders than if you are married. Some of you might […]

Comic Belief: I Feel Your Pain

When a first-grader fell on the ice coming into church, the pastor tried to comfort him. “Remember, big boys don’t cry.” “Cry?” he replied, “I’m going to sue.” Do we live in a world where people would rather have money than comfort? Maybe, but we also know that at times we prefer comfort. Are we […]

Comic Belief: Through the Nose, From the Heart

Conceiving a child is gloriously cost-free, but the meter starts to run immediately and never seems to stop. Even the gifts given to me, I buy. My family always tells me they don’t overspend, I just under-deposit. One year for Father’s Day, my card read, “I couldn’t decide what card to give you — your […]

Comic Belief: You’re Wonderful!

Like most families, we went on vacation and drove 500 miles to look for a place that served home-cooked meals. We stopped to get our fix of Southern cooking. Our waiter was service-industry challenged. He couldn’t get anything right. I thought, “If he gets minimum wage, he’s overpaid.” The experts say that an average person […]

Comic Belief: The Gift of Teenagers

What happened? You put them to bed normal, and they wake up weird. They become teenagers. They dress for school, and they look like a Groucho Marx comedy team. You meet their friends and you want to say, “Pick a gender and stick with it, and buy some pants that fit.” What do you do? […]

Comic Belief: To Err Is Human

We all make mistakes. That’s why there are erasers on pencils, reverse gears in cars, delete keys on computers, U-turns and summer school. One of my favorite presidents was Gerald Ford. One reason that I liked him was that he was a lousy golfer. The newscasts often showed clips of people being hit by his […]

Comic Belief: Battling the Blues

Life has its great times, its average times, and its rough times. Mountains always have valleys. The old preacher said, “Sometimes I’m up, sometimes I’m down, and sometimes I’m almost to the ground.” Usually we feel as if we’re on the fast track, and other times on the slow track, but sometimes we feel as […]

Comic Belief: The ‘Bear Facts’ of Fear

I went to college at a small, conservative school. My dad wanted me there because it was supposedly 100 miles from any known sin. Part of the process for freshmen was Rat Week. Each freshman was assigned to a rat-daddy, a sophomore, and the freshman had to do everything he said the first semester. It […]

Comic Belief: Dead Ends and Runways

John Madden, the famed sportscaster, used to crisscross the country many times each fall by bus because he was afraid of flying. There’s a lot of fear in this world. I sat beside a lady on a plane who had never flown before, and she was scared to death. She was very excited when she […]

Comic Belief: Eating Frogs

Procrastination can lead to discouragement and depression. We put off doing something, and then it gets bigger and more difficult, so we put it off again. Our philosophy is, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow.” The molehill becomes a mountain, and you’re really depressed. My advice […]