Comic Belief: Confusing World

It’s a confusing world. Have you looked around lately? Boys want to be girls and girls want to be boys, and some want to be both. Can you remember when picking a member of the opposite sex was not multiple choice? Can you remember when women wore gloves and dentists didn’t? Can you believe that […]

Comic Belief: Hear Me Roar; Tell Me More

A little boy who grew up in a town so small the school bus was a yellow Toyota went shopping at the town’s drug store. The boy told the druggist he wanted three boxes of candy. He wanted a one-pound, a three-pound, and a five-pound box of candy, each box gift-wrapped. The druggist told him […]

Comic Belief: Falling Isn’t That Bad

Many people believe the basic fears are fear of falling, fear of abandonment, and fear of loud noises. If, when you were a kid, your mother abandoned you by throwing you out of a three-story window and you made a loud noise when you hit the ground, I don’t think I can help you. The […]

Comic Belief: You’re Wonderful!

Like most families, we went on vacation and drove 500 miles to look for a place that served home-cooked meals. We stopped to get our fix of Southern cooking. Our waiter was service-industry-challenged. He couldn’t get anything right. I thought, “If he gets minimum wage, he’s overpaid.” The experts say that an average person only […]

Comic Belief: Arrows in the Back

A well-known politician, riding in a train, held up a five-dollar bill and said, “I’m going to throw this five-dollar bill out the window and make somebody happy.” One of his ardent admirers suggested, “But, sir, why don’t you throw five one-dollar bills out the window and make five people happy?” A member of the […]

Comic Belief: Family Feud

Most of us have heard of the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys. What you might not know is how it all started. In 1878 the two families disputed over the ownership of a hog. That dispute led to a 12-year war, resulting in the deaths of three Hatfields, seven McCoys and two outsiders. […]

Comic Belief: Are We in a Hurry Again?

I can drive, but I get places so much faster on a plane. My finances are on Quicken, so I know instantly that I have enough money to fly. This morning I started my day with Nestlé Quik hot chocolate, and later I began my diet with Slim Fast, but then I stopped for some […]

Comic Belief: A Laughing House

When our girls were growing up, I spent father-daughter time with each one by taking them individually on a trip with me. They were allowed to pick the destination. One year, Breanne chose Orlando — home of Disney World, of course. The girls also picked the restaurants. Breanne and I stayed in a hotel right […]

Comic Belief: God … According to Pooh

One Thursday before God had turned on the lights, I was up. I had procrastinated a little in my message preparation. Some tasks have to be put off many times before they slip your mind completely. By Thursday, the noon business lunch had completely slipped my mind. I had just started to study when I […]

Comic Belief: Mothers — Lights of the World

After an elementary teacher gave a science lesson on magnets, she gave her students a quiz to see how much they had learned. One of the questions read, “My name starts with M. I have six letters and I pick up things. What am I?” Half the class answered with the six-letter word, “Mother.” God […]