Letter: Let’s not continue to cut funding to our institutions

I commend Dr. Rudy Gray on a great article in the November issue, “Is It Time for a New Approach to Missions?” He writes that the Great Commission “does not preclude us from evangelizing and discipling people here and abroad simultaneously.” As South Carolina Baptists, we must understand the truth of this statement. We must support […]

‘Out of Darkness’ march to raise awareness for suicide prevention

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Suicide is the 10th-leading cause of death in this country. It touches millions of lives — people of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds — but the research is clear: Suicide is preventable, and the more people who stand up for suicide prevention and mental health, the more lives we can […]

Letter: More funding for IMB ‘right thing to do’

There are always those who express concern that our first priority is to reach our Jerusalem before trying to reach the uttermost parts of the earth. I would agree. However, in 2014 our South Carolina Baptist churches (all 2,148 of them) received $508,093,300 into their coffers. The $1.28 million in funding to the International Mission […]

Letter: Petition ‘Lucifer’ TV Show

The Fox television network has plans to air a new program called “Lucifer” next year. It portrays Satan as a good guy. There is an online petition at the American Family Association website (http://www.afa.net, search “Lucifer”). I think it would be good for our churches to be made aware of this information and to get involved. […]

Letter: Responding to Supreme Court Ruling

As the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage continues to be part of the national landscape, we can be confident that God has a plan for our context (Acts 17:26). There are ways we can surrender to Jesus and prepare to be His vessels in our appointed time and place. First, we should use this moment to […]

Letter: Did GCR Work for S.C. Baptists?

In the 2011 annual session of the South Carolina Baptist Convention, we adopted an agenda called the Great Commission Resurgence. What a great name! In approving financial reductions in every ministry and partnership in the state, we were told that we would increase giving to the International Mission Board by 22 percent over the next […]

Letter: Don Kirkland’s Book a ‘Spiritual Feast’

I discovered by accident former Baptist Courier editor Don Kirkland’s book, “Something Ventured.” It is a spiritual feast. Don’s writing skills are well known by South Carolina Baptists. His knowledge of Scripture is apparent in every entry. His real contribution is in helping us understand our roles as ordinary Christians. Don tells us that the […]

Letter: Encourage Church Commitment

Thank you so much for the articles in the June issue on the changes in our church, hurting pastors, the neglected Great Commission, finding sources of encouragement and more. I love the church I attend and our pastor and members. I do feel, however, that the church in general is losing Christians, and our society […]

Letter: Baptists should care about radical ‘holy war’

Thank you very much for your article on the Islamic State (April 2015). Based on what I have seen and heard from fellow Baptists, I had come to think that this topic should be avoided in our discussions at church, so I appreciate your comments on radical Islam and its goal to eliminate Christians like […]

Letter: No Unlimited Atonement

In Richard Harris’ article “What Is the Gospel?” in the March issue of The Courier, he wrote, “There was nothing limited about Christ’s substitutionary death and atonement.” Everyone limits the Lord’s atonement in one way or another. Some limit it in its function, saying that it didn’t actually save anyone but made all people capable […]