Letter: Tenn. editor sends congratulations

As a native of South Carolina, I can remember The Baptist Courier coming into our home. I didn’t realize the significance then, but as I grew older and became a journalist myself, I realized the importance of the state paper. God called me into Christian journalism and I worked at both North Greenville College (which […]

Letter: We want to be an Acts 1:8 church

A couple of months ago, a retired minister filled in for our pastor. He began his message with a review of the differences he had seen between the 1950s and 1960s and now. He remembered how, during the ’50s and ’60s, people were being saved in most churches each week, and there was a lot […]

Letter: Upstate church sharing historical info

Standing Springs Baptist Church in Simpsonville will be 200 years old on Oct. 18 of this year. Individuals may have a connection to our church and not realize it. If they had a family in the area in the 1800s and early 1900s, it is very possible they were a part of our church. We […]

Letter: Spiritual Power of Congregational Singing

Thank you for the “Last Word” column, “The Power of Congregational Singing” (October 2017). Your words are timely and so needed in our churches. We have focused on the “up front” worship leaders and teams and have forgotten the spiritual power of God’s people singing to glorify God. I have placed my order for “Sing!” […]

Letter: Is ‘Nashville Statement’ necessary?

I just read the Nashville Statement and I agree with its 14 articles. I simply ask: Why is this necessary? In June 1997, the Southern Baptist Convention (the denomination to which I belong), voted to boycott Disney — its theme parks, its films, and its TV channel (they own ABC and ESPN). How’s that working? […]

Letter: Eclipse a Beautiful Gift from God to the World He Loves

Like everyone else in South Carolina, I was staring into the mid-afternoon dusky sky on Monday, Aug. 21. The Great American Eclipse was a remarkable and awe-inspiring event. That evening, as I listened to the news commentators share people’s reactions to the eclipse, I was disappointed that nobody gave credit to God for the heavenly […]

Letter: Biblical truth leads to healthier churches

I just read Rudy Gray’s article, “The Importance of Biblical Truth” (April 2017). Amen, amen! In many churches, what brings in the crowds is often emphasized more than spiritual health. Some of our advertisements for conferences are overtly about how to increase baptisms rather than how to reach souls destined for eternity without God. I […]

Letter: Blessed by ‘The Shack’

In response to “ ‘The Shack’ is not an accurate view of God” (April), I believe the only accurate view of God comes from His Word and from a personal encounter with Him. Both the book and the movie present a fictional, beautiful account of healing and forgiveness. Christian fiction should not be confused with doctrine, […]

Letter: ‘The Shack’ is heresy

Thank you for your article on “The Shack” and the heresy of the book and movie. There were two statements that stood out to me. One was by Dr. Albert Mohler about the lack of biblical discernment and biblical knowledge today. The second statement was by LifeWay Christian Resources, saying they no longer carry “The […]

Letter: Are we lazy evangelists?

Why are so many of our churches in decline? Some reasons are easy to understand. Many churches don’t live by Scripture. Some have declined because of bad decisions and others because of splits. But, more than these, there seems to be a lethargy in our churches today. From the 1930s through the 1960s, most churches […]