Letter: Baptists should care about radical ‘holy war’

Thank you very much for your article on the Islamic State (April 2015). Based on what I have seen and heard from fellow Baptists, I had come to think that this topic should be avoided in our discussions at church, so I appreciate your comments on radical Islam and its goal to eliminate Christians like […]

Letter: No Unlimited Atonement

In Richard Harris’ article “What Is the Gospel?” in the March issue of The Courier, he wrote, “There was nothing limited about Christ’s substitutionary death and atonement.” Everyone limits the Lord’s atonement in one way or another. Some limit it in its function, saying that it didn’t actually save anyone but made all people capable […]

Letter: Remote Outposts Need Funding, Too

Yet again during this season for the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, I find myself disappointed with the North American Mission Board due to their continued policy of defunding Southern Baptist missionaries who live and work in rural or remote areas. Such is the case with South Carolina native David George, who is the director of […]

Letter: Support Hunger Relief

Twenty thousand children will die today from hunger and preventable diseases. We Baptists give less than one penny a week per person to the Southern Baptist Global Hunger Relief Fund, our way of showing God’s love to starving people. If our child or grandchild was one of those destined to die today, how much would […]

Letter: The Toughest Job in America?

In his book, “By The Stream,” Monty Hale quotes leadership guru Peter Drucker, saying that the four toughest jobs in America are: president of the United States, a hospital administrator, a university president, and the pastor of a local church. Are you surprised by number four? I mean, just how difficult can it be to be […]

Letter: Support Singing Churchmen scholarship

For many years, the South Carolina Baptist Singing Churchmen have inspired church congregations and convention attendees with glorious sounds of musical praise to our Lord. Their vast variety of musical styles has allowed them to engage diverse audiences, including musical missions all over the globe. Realizing the need to attract younger members, the Singing Churchmen […]

Letter: SCBC should ‘stand strongly against’ Noble’s teachings

I have been following the controversy regarding Mr. Perry Noble of NewSpring Church, most recently related to his reinterpretation of the Ten Commandments. I have also read South Carolina Baptist Convention president Tommy Kelly’s gently worded letter reminding all ministers to regard their ministries as sacred trusts and their testimonies for Him as His called […]

Letter: God Uses Imperfect People to Spread the Gospel

From the Southern Baptist Convention Constitution: Article IV. Authority: While independent and sovereign in its own sphere, the Convention does not claim and will never attempt to exercise any authority over any other Baptist body, whether church, auxiliary organizations, associations, or convention. Being the son of a Southern Baptist minister who served many times as an […]

Letter: Is the Christian Church Vanishing?

Recently I have seen many articles and questions about how churches are failing. Not long ago I saw somewhere that 80 percent of the churches in America are failing and that 4,000 churches close every year. An article on Patheos.com states that 3,500 people leave the church every single day. Select churches are growing. Unfortunately, many of these […]