Sunday Dinner: Lime and Tomato Salad

Being an honest and truthful person — both good characteristics for a Baptist — I will say about today’s recipe that you may want to add something. A few days ago, I was looking for a recipe from the several cookbooks I had spread out on the kitchen table and found this one. I prepared […]

Sunday Dinner: Carrot Soufflé

Today’s recipe is a good one that you and your family will enjoy. It tastes good, is easy to prepare, looks pretty on the table, and is healthy. I found the recipe in the cookbook published by Calvary Baptist Church in Graniteville. To help you with your geography, Graniteville is about halfway between Aiken and […]

Sunday Dinner: Ugly Duckling Cake

“I made that when I was a youngster,” my friend Marie said as we talked in the aisle of the supermarket where I had gone to buy ingredients for Joyce Tonroy’s Ugly Duckling Cake. The supermarket aisles are my primary social gathering spot. Marie and I have known each other since our children were in […]

Garrison unveils favorite recipes in new collection, ‘Sunday Best’

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Juanita Garrison, The Courier’s cheery cooking columnist, is sharing some of her favorite recipes in a new book, “Sunday Best” (Courier Publishing, $17.95). Garrison pored over more than a dozen years’ worth of recipes submitted by Courier readers and added a few of her own for this collection, which […]

Sunday Dinner: Haystack Dinner Recipe

Today’s recipe is a good one for a cold, windy Sunday — and it makes a large dish, so you will need to call in the neighbors to help you eat it or you will have leftovers for a week. It is from Jean M. Carter of Long Creek Baptist Church, located in the Long […]

Sunday Dinner: Lentil Soup

The weather, having delayed its autumn and winter days until January, has denied us our days of bowls of hot, tasty, nourishing soup — but now our wintry winds are prevailing, and soup it shall be. There are many ways to make soup — with the variations in meat, if any; the vegetables, if any; […]

Sunday Dinner: Resolutions

Happy New Year! What a good thing this new year is! A time for starting over. A time to pledge to do those good things we forgot or delayed or were unable to do last year. A time to live a worthy life. A time to love our neighbors. A time to be loyal to […]

Sunday Dinner: Quick Fruitcake

It’s fruitcake time! Over the years, fruitcakes have been unfairly the subjects of jokes, probably because the comedians have not eaten this one by Frances Edwards. Fruitcakes are a Christmas holiday tradition that I hope will never go away — a good fruitcake, that is. This recipe is from her deceased mother, and every year […]

Sunday Dinner: Sausage and Egg Casserole

When was the last time you had guests for breakfast? I like doing that. The breakfast menu is not as demanding as those for lunch or dinner and is well-received because everybody is hungry. Another plus is that you can set the table the previous night and have everything ready except cooking the food — […]

Sunday Dinner: Chipped Beef Dip

Well, I’m just mad about the whole thing. I don’t really mind being “of a certain age” because people are nice to me. I’m not even offended when I don’t understand what young people are talking about half the time, and it doesn’t bother me when I occasionally lose things at home. Most of the […]