Sunday Dinner: Sausage and Egg Casserole

When was the last time you had guests for breakfast? I like doing that. The breakfast menu is not as demanding as those for lunch or dinner and is well-received because everybody is hungry. Another plus is that you can set the table the previous night and have everything ready except cooking the food — […]

Sunday Dinner: Chipped Beef Dip

Well, I’m just mad about the whole thing. I don’t really mind being “of a certain age” because people are nice to me. I’m not even offended when I don’t understand what young people are talking about half the time, and it doesn’t bother me when I occasionally lose things at home. Most of the […]

Sunday Dinner: Plantation Squash

There is a running joke among home gardeners who try to give each other their yellow summer squash. If you don’t have a generous squash-growing neighbor, you can get squash at almost any farmers’ market or supermarket during summer and throughout the year at the latter. And that’s a good thing. The yellow summer (crook […]

Sunday Dinner: Chicken Pie

Ah! Sunday dinners and family reunions! Where would these be without chicken pie, that staple for the family and for covered dish gatherings? Many of today’s magazines show exciting recipes you will surely want to make, but for consistent goodness you can count on a chicken pie — especially today’s recipe. Simplicity is the thing […]

Sunday Dinner: Salmon Loaf

I need to drop about 15 pounds, and not because of vanity or health. I made peace with my appearance years ago, and my health will allow me to make today’s recipe for many years. No, the reason for my interest in weight loss is my family. I want to save them the embarrassment of […]

Sunday Dinner: Cherry Congealed Salad

They were more popular a few years ago, but one doesn’t see them as much now as previously. I like them. They are pretty on the plate or buffet, simple to make, and usually must be made a day or so before serving. Now the fresh green salads are more often the choice. I’m talking […]

Sunday Dinner: Green Salads

So tell me, how many menus or recipes have you read which ended with “served with a green salad” or maybe “served with a green salad and hot rolls,” etc.? This “green salad” is a staple of restaurants and should be so at your own dining room/kitchen table for several reasons: It is easy to […]

Sunday Dinner: Blue Cheese Slaw

Today I am distressed, distraught and disturbed — not about our recipe (which is a good one), but about an article from a newspaper dated Feb. 12, 1989, concerning the decline of dinner parties. I found the clipping while cleaning our office recently, which tells you how long it has been since I cleaned. So […]

Sunday Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese

Who or when, I don’t know, but to someone at some time we owe a great thank you for, first, developing pasta (specifically macaroni), and, second, for combining it with cheese to make that staple of tables everywhere. This versatile macaroni and cheese goes to church suppers, picnics, company meals and Sunday dinners, is carried […]

Sunday Dinner: Breakfast Casserole

You may see this recipe in many church cookbooks, and you may have prepared it yourself (and if you haven’t, you should). It has been around for a while; I cooked it in my kitchen some time ago. I saw it again recently in the cookbook published by Lexington Baptist Church and baked it. The […]