Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Crock-Pot Chicken

I believe Sunday is a wonderful time for enjoying our families and friends. I want to share with you something I do while I am cooking. It is called “Praying Stop Sign to Stop Sign.” Pray for everyone on your street and for the salvation of their households! Pray from the stop sign on the […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Stocking a Cold & Fresh Pantry

There are three other areas to include in a pantry. The refrigerator and the freezer are the cold pantries. Also, there is a fresh fruits pantry — it can be in your refrigerator or the freezer, or on the counter in your kitchen. All of the pantries complete how we stock our healthy food, and […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Stocking a Dry Pantry

Having a pantry is essential for eating healthy and is also important for getting real food on the table. It helps you stay on your budget and it takes the stress off because everything you need to make healthy meals is in your pantry. Each recipe I will be doing will be from this pantry, […]

Mary Beth’s Kitchen: Famous Brownies

Editor’s Note: With this month’s issue, we are pleased to welcome to our pages Mary Beth Oxendine, who will be familiar to some of our readers through her WGGS television program, “Cooking with Miss O.” She is the author of a cookbook, “Healthy, Simple, Southern Style Cooking on One Income,” and is a member of […]

Sunday Dinner: Colonial Peanut Soup

I tried (I really did) to find the contributor of this interesting soup, but I could not. The recipe is from the Texas Peanut Producers Board by way of the “Taste and Tales from Texas” cookbook. Because our state also produces a lot of peanuts, especially in the lower part — and this is a […]

Sunday Dinner: Hospitality — It’s Biblical

The holidays are over, ball games are won and lost, school is back in session, Christmas “thank yous” are written, and life is settling down for a couple of months of winter. Instead of sharing a recipe with you today, I suggest that before you begin planning your next Sunday Dinner, we talk about something […]

Sunday Dinner: Cherry Desserts

We could learn a lot from young George Washington: The first thing is to always tell the truth. Now the story does not tell us where young George got the hatchet, because he should not have been playing with it — and certainly not one large and sharp enough to cut down a cherry tree, […]

Sunday Dinner: Easy Dessert

Everybody likes desserts, even if our bodies tell us we should go easy on the serving size! You will like today’s recipe because it makes enough to serve 10 to 12 people at a family gathering or for a church supper. You can make it a couple of days ahead and let it hang out […]

Sunday Dinner: More Old Recipes

There are so many changes in the world, and even in our own little areas, that it is sometimes a challenge to keep up with them. One change is in our menus, whether at home or in a restaurant. The “meat and three,” which has been around forever, was a good division of proportions, giving […]

Sunday Dinner: Shrimp Gumbo

Contrary to my normal practice of preparing the recipes I share with you each month, I have not made this one — but I will. The reason? A kitchen fire … and it wasn’t my fault. It was the colt’s fault because he is so cute. A few weeks ago, I was preparing lunch with […]