Editor’s Word: Why I Am Still Here

I have already experienced a very nice retirement celebration, listened to kind words from various people, and moved out of my office at The Courier (which was a good thing, considering it flooded on Christmas night!). I am still working as editor at the request of the search committee of The Courier, who have been […]

Editor’s Word: A Story of America

Not so long ago, a nation was formed on the soil of an expansive continent. About 90 percent of its founding fathers were Christian. Their faith was reflected in the laws they enacted, the constitution they wrote, and the Declaration of Independence they produced. Christian colleges dotted the landscape. Great leaders emerged from this God-blessed […]

‘The Last Word’ is retrospective on Courier editor’s columns

Whether tackling the thorniest social and religious issues of the day or offering a heartfelt tribute to a pet named Boomer, editor Rudy Gray has shared his straight-to-the-point perspective with readers of The Baptist Courier for 10 years. Now, as he approaches retirement, Gray has released 50 selected Baptist Courier columns in his latest book, […]

Editor’s Word: An Unashamed Major League Baseball Home Run Champ

New York Yankee baseball player Aaron Judge is the all-time, ace number one, authentic, legitimate, and clean home run champion of major league baseball — both American and National League. While it is true that three others hit more home runs in a season than Judge, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire did so […]

Editor’s Word: Gen Z Christians Show Potential

My generation, the baby boomers, has been replaced as the largest generation in American history by Generation Z, commonly referred to as Gen Z. Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964 (I am in the middle at 1953), while Gen Z individuals were born between 1997 and 2012, according to Pew Research. There are approximately […]

Editor’s Word: Intersection of Slang with Scripture

Slang is a form of speech that has been around for many years, and every generation develops its own unique slang. Some slang continues from generation to generation. But what happens when slang intersects with Scripture? It all depends on what kind of slang it is. God’s Word is truth. Slang may not be. People […]

Editor’s Word: The Month of August

Someone recently said, “August is sort of a nothing month.” I disagree with that assumption. It is a hot month, often the hottest of the year for the people of South Carolina. Kids are going back to school and college football is ramping up for another season. The anticipation of autumn begins to influence our […]

Editor’s Word: Our New Pastors Conference President

I have known Daniel Dickard since he was a boy. His dad, Wayne, and I have been close friends for many years and have traveled together often. We typically meet for lunch every week. I know the family, and Daniel is a bright, spiritual young man (31), who can be a breath of fresh air […]

Editor’s Word: Examining Digital Ministry

I read a book in the late 1970s called “Future Church.” The author envisioned a time when the church would be a place without any outwardly identifying marks. In his imagination, he saw the future church with no crosses or other symbols Christians have used for hundreds of years. COVID-19 created a pandemic worldwide, and, […]

Editor’s Word: Oligarchy and Greed

We have heard the words “oligarchy” and “oligarchs” recently as we watched, heard, or read the news about Russia’s terrible invasion of Ukraine. While Russia was tearing apart the country of Ukraine, the oligarchs of that nation were trying to shield their money and possessions from sanctions. Oligarchy literally means “rule by the few.” An […]