Comic Belief: Taxes, Taxes, Taxes

Two things in life are certain: death and taxes. But taxes continue and get worse every year Congress meets. They have almost simplified the tax form beyond human understanding. In April, millions of American have a long form and a short memory. I prepare my own taxes. It is like a do-it-yourself mugging. My son-in-law […]

Comic Belief: Switching Gears

One great thing about having 10 grandkids is that I am able to watch kids’ movies over and over. Another great thing about grandkids is taillights. There is a movie about talking cars called “Cars.” It involves the hotshot rookie race car called Lightning McQueen. He is living life in the fast lane until he […]

Comic Belief: From Ha, Ha to Aha!

Would you define a speaker or a preacher as someone who talks while people sleep? Do you relate to the story about a couple who went to see the doctor because the wife complained about her husband’s snoring? The doctor asked if he kept her awake at night. “Me?” she said. “He keeps the whole […]

Comic Belief: Roosters and Family Secrets

Dysfunction from generation to generation is usually fueled by family secrets. Our secrets can become our sickness. Some are trivial. I asked a friend why he was getting married. He told me that he was tired of holding in his stomach. His new wife may find that her prize package is a surprise package. I […]

Comic Belief: ‘Thanks Living’ Melody

Emotions are a gift from God. Jesus was glad when the little children were brought to Him. He was sad when He stood at the tomb of Lazarus. He was angry when He drove the moneychangers from the Temple. Like other emotions, anger is an emotion we all feel. Have you been angry this week? […]

Comic Belief: Small Turns — Right Direction

It hit me the other day! Actually, I hit it. My caddy said to spank the ball down the middle. I shanked it to the left. We finally found it hidden in the rough, and I told the caddy that this surely could not be my ball. This ball was way too old. He replied […]

Comic Belief: Calling All Passengers

When a hunter in Kentucky had his cap shot right off the top of his head during deer season, he made a hunting suit from black and white awning cloth. The first time he wore it, he was shot! At the inquest, the judge told the other hunter that he was not being charged, but […]

Comic Belief: Sinking Sand

I’m writing this as summer comes to a close. It has been a hot season in Texas. It has been so hot that the dogs are chasing the cats, but they are both walking. We are now in the middle of hurricane season. I have had a lot of experience with hurricanes — in fact, […]

Comic Belief: S.P.R.I.N.T.

How do you sprint through life? Not with your mobile phone, but with your personality? Here’s how to spell sprint: Get Specific. Life is not lived in general. Life is lived very specifically. Decide exactly what you need to do. You can say that you will have a better marriage next year. Guess what? You […]

Comic Belief: The Coach

Peter Drucker says that organizations start to die the day they focus on the insiders and not on the outsiders. That is not only true in the profit world; it is also true in the non-profit world. Change is difficult because it has no constituency. This makes it almost impossible to outvote the “We have […]