Comic Belief: Funny-Looking Clothes

An interviewee for a job at a famous art gallery was asked, “If you could save one picture from fire, which piece would it be?” He answered, “I’d save the piece closest to the exit.” That is how we think — often just of ourselves. Singular thinking makes it difficult to walk together. Churches can […]

Comic Belief: What’s The Point?

An article in Psychology Today described a man who committed three hours a day for 10 years to finding something wrong with everything. He then either wrote or talked to someone to complain about what was wrong. He did that for 10 years of his life. Psychology Today concluded that his only accomplishment was to […]

Comic Belief: Random Pounding

We all come from the Adams family. Our family inheritance is our “earth suit” with its selfish nature. We are simply vessels of clay. As it ages, clay cracks, crumbles and disintegrates. We have also inherited a world that is cracking, disintegrating, corroding and falling apart. We inhabit a world that is moving in a […]

Comic Belief: People Pleasers

I grew up in a parsonage because my dad was a pastor. You see, it wasn’t our house; it was the church’s house. If we wanted to paint our rooms, the committee had to approve. Sometimes they inspected the house. They said things like, “Children, did you stop up that commode?” It made me want […]

Comic Belief: What’s Your Influence?

One of my strategies as a speaker was to mention in churches that I speak to businesses so that people can recommend me to their business. One pastor told me that there was a flaw in my strategy. He said many church people have zero influence in the business community. When he said that, I […]

Comic Belief: The Good Stuff

Do you ever feel as if you dated Jekyll and married Hyde? One wife said she would always cherish the initial misconception she had about her husband. Someone said marriage is composed of three rings: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering. One pastor visited a children’s Sunday school class and asked them what God said […]

Comic Belief: The Angels Are Laughing

I travel around the country telling people that their attitude is either their best friend or worst enemy. It isn’t the position in life; it’s the disposition. Now I’m not one of those positive blab-it-and-grab-it guys. I do tell everyone that it’s a fallen world, that Murphy was an optimist, and that there will be […]

Comic Belief: Rhinos and Buffalo Birds

Across the grasslands of East Africa live some of nature’s most fascinating animals. The rhinoceros, a two-horned terror of tremendous speed, size and agility is feared by most of the creatures of the wild. Only the buffalo bird has no fear of the rhino. These birds perch on the back of the rhino. Some even […]

Comic Belief: Keep It in the Fairways

One advantage of being in a different city each week is that I get to play golf with many people. I love golf. It’s like business. You work hard to get to the green and you wind up in the hole. Golf is actually a great game for dealing with difficult people. You can put […]

Comic Belief: Kissing the Toads

During the Depression, churches struggled for support, since so many people were out of work. One Sunday, a pastor decided on a new approach. Whoever contributed the most could select the hymns. The winner was a single lady who immediately stood, pointed her finger and said, “I want him, him, and him.” Many jokes are […]