Comic Belief: Your Resignation Has Been Accepted

We get into lots of problems when we try to control the world. We also waste a lot of energy on things we can’t control. You can devise a great strategy and even pray all night that the sun will not come up, but it will. When the north wind blows, you can say and […]

Comic Belief: Small Things Mean A Lot

Several years ago, Penny and I went to Hawaii. It was a great trip, except for the day we went snorkeling. My wife loves the water. She grew up with a swimming pool in the backyard. I grew up a little differently — the bathroom was in our backyard. The only water I ever saw […]

Comic Belief: Stages of Marriage

The first stage of a relationship is that wonderful stage, the urge to merge. You’re in hormone heaven. You’ve found the perfect person. She always looks good, smells good and never goes to the bathroom. Then you get married, and another stage begins. It’s war. Before marriage, opposites attract. If you have a Dead Sea […]

Comic Belief: Baby Talk

The first time I saw our oldest daughter, I saw a bald head and heard powerful lungs. She was a loud noise at one end and no responsibility at the other. It was scary. Now I know why they say, “Hold the head.” It’s the safest part. I knew this baby was going to change […]

Comic Belief: Conflicting Ways

Been to battle lately? Conflict can actually be good for you. Criticism separates people, but conflict stimulates people. If you ignore things, they build up and get worse. You might as well fight the battle before you have to go to war. A little boy asked his dad how the big war started. The father […]

Comic Belief: Communicating Over Cornbread and Buttermilk

My wife and I are from different backgrounds. Her father is from up North, and my family came from way down South. Also, Penny grew up wealthy, and I grew up poor. She had four baths, and I had four paths. One year our bathroom caught on fire, and we were excited because it didn’t […]

Comic Belief: Fidget While You Talk

Relationships can be tough. This week I was exasperated with my wife, Penny, and said, “I was a fool when I married you.” She said, “Yes, dear, but I was too in love to notice.” I think sometimes that if Penny really loved me she would have married someone else. We’ve had our share of […]

Comic Belief: Snapshot of Encouragement

How many of you get too much encouragement? Do people tell you how wonderful you are everywhere you go? When you get to work, does everyone stop and clap for you? When you arrive home, do you get a standing ovation? Do your kids carry pictures of you in their wallets and show them to […]

Comic Belief: Nifty at Fifty

It finally happened. I got my invitation to join AARP (the American Association of the Really Pooped, or something like that). It’s the autumn of life, and everything seems to be heading south. My hair now comes out of my ears instead of the top of my head. There appears to be more sand in […]

Comic Belief: Get the Connection?

My wife and I periodically take a personality inventory in which one can score either as a thinker or as a feeler. It shows whether you make decisions with your head or your heart. Thinkers and feelers gravitate to different kinds of occupations. A pastor, a doctor, and an engineer were waiting one morning for […]