Comic Belief: Eating Frogs

Procrastination can lead to discouragement and depression. We put off doing something, and then it gets bigger and more difficult, so we put it off again. Our philosophy is, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can put off until the day after tomorrow.” The molehill becomes a mountain, and you’re really depressed. My advice […]

Comic Belief: Good and Angry

When a golfer was asked why he bought a new putter, he said, “The old one didn’t float.” We live in what some people call the age of rage. What about your anger? Do people call you Old Faithful at work — not because you show up everyday but because you blow up every week? […]

Comic Belief: Calling All Dads

Being a father is like playing golf: It’s time consuming, expensive, frustrating, and full of hazards. The phone company reports that calls made on Father’s Day are growing faster than those on Mother’s Day. The company apologized for the delay in compiling this statistic. Everything slowed down because of the extra billing; most of the […]

Comic Belief: Time with Mom Is a Pit Stop in the Race of Life

After an elementary teacher taught a science lesson on magnets, she gave her students a quiz to see how much they had learned. One of the questions read, “My name starts with M. I have six letters and I pick up things. What am I?” Half the class answered with the six-letter word: “Mother.” Thank […]

Comic Belief: ’Tis the Season to Be Chubby

Most of us gain a little weight over the holidays. Last year my New Year’s resolution was to lose some weight. Like most people, the second week of a diet is the easiest — because by then I’m off the diet. Many times I go on two diets at the same time so I can […]

Comic Belief: You’ve Got Personality

Even as infants, our personalities are evident. Some babies are quiet, calm and submissive. Others seem to be born with a baseball cap on backwards saying: “Make me.” There are two types of personalities: Type A and Type B. Type A’s have a hard time relaxing. One guy’s New Year’s resolution was: “I’m going to […]

Comic Belief: Your Resignation Has Been Accepted

We get into lots of problems when we try to control the world. We also waste a lot of energy on things we can’t control. You can devise a great strategy and even pray all night that the sun will not come up, but it will. When the north wind blows, you can say and […]

Comic Belief: Small Things Mean A Lot

Several years ago, Penny and I went to Hawaii. It was a great trip, except for the day we went snorkeling. My wife loves the water. She grew up with a swimming pool in the backyard. I grew up a little differently — the bathroom was in our backyard. The only water I ever saw […]

Comic Belief: Stages of Marriage

The first stage of a relationship is that wonderful stage, the urge to merge. You’re in hormone heaven. You’ve found the perfect person. She always looks good, smells good and never goes to the bathroom. Then you get married, and another stage begins. It’s war. Before marriage, opposites attract. If you have a Dead Sea […]

Comic Belief: Baby Talk

The first time I saw our oldest daughter, I saw a bald head and heard powerful lungs. She was a loud noise at one end and no responsibility at the other. It was scary. Now I know why they say, “Hold the head.” It’s the safest part. I knew this baby was going to change […]