More Than Numbers, God Gave Him a Heart for Children

“God gave me a mind for accounting and business, and He gave me a heart for children,” Steve Shiflet believes. “What better place to combine those two things than Connie Maxwell? “I love my work; I enjoy business; I enjoy numbers. Some people think that’s strange, but I do,” said Shiflet, vice president for finance […]

Mesenbourg serves as fall intern at The Courier

Makena Mesenbourg, a junior communications and political science student at Anderson University, recently completed a fall semester internship with The Baptist Courier. Makena is the second intern to be selected through the Bill and Shirley Adams Internship program. As an intern, she engaged in writing feature stories, producing and editing videos, creating social media posts, […]

First CSU doctoral candidates graduating Saturday

Twenty-three professionals from a variety of disciplines will receive their doctoral degree and hood this weekend — the first to graduate from Charleston Southern University’s inaugural doctoral program. The Doctor of Education (EdD) in leadership began in January 2019. The 60-hour program offers courses in traditional on-campus and hybrid formats and is designed to provide […]

AU’s Wesley Brashier named president of Hope Road Properties

Wesley Brashier, vice president for Christian life and senior campus pastor for the past years, has stepped down from his Anderson University role to become president of Hope Road Properties, effective June 30. Brashier, a recent graduate of AU’s Clamp Divinity School, led the Campus Ministries division, including Baptist Campus Ministries, women’s ministries, and missions. […]

Baptist Foundation recognizes Roy McCall for benevolent giving

The 2021 recipient of the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina’s Dr. Lonnie H. Shull Jr. Legacy Award is Peter LeRoy “Roy” McCall Jr. The award is given annually to a friend of the Foundation who has demonstrated leadership in legacy giving. “Mr. Roy, his brothers, and his parents have long been generous toward South Carolina […]

Courier business manager, Holliday, hospitalized with COVID

The Courier’s business manager, Chris Holliday, is recovering from a serious bout with COVID-19, pneumonia, and two subsequent blood clots in his lungs that hospitalized him for more than two weeks. “People need to understand this is so real. This can be life and death. It’s just that simple,” Holliday said after being released from […]

Confronting Cultural Opposition with God’s Truth

The first overt full-throttled insurrection against God’s truth was perpetrated by our first parents, Adam and Eve. Since that catastrophic day, the rebellion has gone on unabated by the human race. Humanity has been in opposition to God’s truth since Genesis 3. In that chapter, God laid down some very clear objective truth claims to […]

Race Relations: Koinonia in Our Hearts, Heads, Feet, and Hands

Race relations is a sociological concept that involves the study of relations between races and the effectiveness of practices designed to improve these relations. Using survey data, Manhattan Institute political scientist Eric Kaufmann reported earlier this spring that “at a time when racist attitudes and behavior have never been more positive, pessimism about race and […]

Christian Conscience Provides Early Warning System

Baptists have long been standard-bearers of freedom of conscience for everyone, even for fellow citizens marketing ideas we might find objectionable. In fact, it is fair to say that America would have run on a decidedly different track had our Baptist forebears abandoned that foundational cause. Doing so might have rendered life more comfortable in […]