WWII veteran turned to God in Burma Road crash

Like many of his generation, Master Sgt. Thomas Musselwhite Jr. doesn’t see his World War II military intelligence work as heroic. But two Hollywood-produced movies have told a much different story of how a reconnaissance team — Musselwhite was one of its three members — derailed Japanese advancements while behind enemy lines. And Musselwhite’s two […]

GCR after 5 years: ‘Satisfied’ but still challenges

Five years after the Southern Baptist Convention’s Great Commission Task Force called for a “Great Commission Resurgence,” Baptist leaders say the GCTF’s recommendations have contributed to a renewed focus on missions and the reversal of a 30-year decline in Cooperative Program giving as a percentage of churches’ undesignated receipts. Still, the total dollar amount given […]

Sex trafficking victim: Healing came from God

She was an awkward and shy 19-year-old art history major when the handsome charismatic stranger asked her for directions in broad daylight at a New York City railway station. He courted her, charming her by opening doors, holding her hand in public and presenting himself as a perfect gentleman. “Then all of a sudden things […]

Deaf reached through story crafting

It appeared to be just words in a book that some American visiting Thailand had given him. This Bible just wasn’t working for Ball Lamphun. He wanted a god who talked to him, maybe even gave him some guidance. He couldn’t find that in the words. This Bible wasn’t in his “heart language” of Thai […]

Craig James: Fox Sports not ‘above the law’

College football analyst Craig James has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against Fox Sports alleging he was fired from a broadcasting position because of his Christian belief that homosexuality is sinful. “This case is much bigger than me,” James said according to a press release from Liberty Institute, the Christian legal organization representing him. “It […]

Gospel, politics addressed at ERLC event

Political engagement by evangelical Christians calls for a witness shaped by the Gospel of Jesus, Southern Baptists were told at a conference Wednesday (Aug. 5) in Nashville. Speakers at “The Gospel and Politics” — the second national conference sponsored by the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission — sought to help the more than […]

Mental health advisory team gives final report

Noting that we are in “a new day of awareness” about mental health issues, Frank S. Page expressed appreciation to the Mental Health Advisory Group at its culminating meeting and received the group’s final report. In response to a motion on mental health ministry and a resolution on mental health concerns introduced at the 2013 […]

Perfectionist in Vermont finds grace in Christ

When pastor Matt Dunavant and his wife Stacey came to Faith Community Church in Vermont, they made sure “connect cards” were placed in the pews so attendees could request more information about being a Jesus-follower. Those cards helped change Barbara Petrie’s life. Like most people in Barre, Barbara had been raised Catholic — “baptized, communioned, […]

After 5 years, is there a Great Commission Resurgence?

Editor’s note: What follows is an abbreviated version of a much lengthier analysis of the “Great Commission Resurgence” document adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention five years ago. To read the full article, which addresses each major component of the GCR document, visit baptistmessage.com/after-5-years-is-there-a-great-commission-resurgence. When the gavel dropped to end the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2015 […]

Charleston church massacre prompts city’s ‘greatest Gospel witness’

By Rudy Gray and Butch Blume The TV news trucks have packed up and moved on, but the story that exploded on the American conscience June 17 when a 21-year-old white supremacist murdered nine black Christians at Charleston’s historic Emanuel AME Church is far from over. Long after the media spotlight has faded, what will be […]